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A scientific ranking of all this year’s best Christmas sandwiches

Always in search of the perfect turkey-stuffing ratio


Christmas is looming – and what better way to get into the Christmas spirit than by eating all the Christmas sandwiches the country has to offer? Whether you've been listening to Christmas songs since November 1st, or dreading the lights and festivities, no one can deny that the sandwiches on offer at this time of year are superior to all of their year-round companions. Step aside, BLTs – the turkey has arrived.

This year all sorts of Christmas treats have emerged, from Yorkshire pudding wraps to festive sushi. Does throwing some turkey and cranberry sauce at salmon nigiri constitute a Christmas lunch? Of course it bloody does. But the star of the show, the Christmas sandwich, is a force to be reckoned with – and right here is where you'll find your comprehensive guide to the best ones of 2018.

8. Potter Shop: Ginsters Christmas Cracker, £3.29 meal deal

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This sandwich comes in at last place, purely because all that came to mind while I mindlessly chowed down upon it were the words "average" and "nice". Quite bland and dry, it lacks hugely on the cranberry sauce front, and, call me crazy, but I just don't know about the addition of sausages. But don't get me wrong, I still enjoyed eating it. It is a Christmas sandwich, after all.

7. EAT: Turkey and Cranberry, £3.85

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While, of course, eating this sandwich was not an unpleasant experience in any way, it was disappointingly bland. Again, there was simply not enough cranberry sauce, and the turkey lacked in flavour. However, EAT's brand new "Roast in a Yorkshire Pudding Wrap" looks much more promising. Add a Yorkshire pudding to anything and I'm sold, tbh.

6. Tesco: Turkey and Trimmings, £2.20

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This sandwich is pretty good. It's moist, it's got JUST enough cranberry sauce, and the turkey and stuffing compliment each other perfectly. But again, sausages? Not convinced. The great thing about this Christmas sandwich, though, is the value for money. Throw in some crisps and a drink (Naked smoothie if you know what's good) for only £3. Oh, and there's also a gluten-free version. Hoorah!

5. Caffe Nero: Pigs on Blankets Tostati Melt, £4.25

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This "tostati" includes sausage, bacon, mascarpone cheese, and cranberry sauce. Served piping hot, it's perfect for a winter's day and will definitely get you into the Christmas spirit. The taste is pretty unique, and I can't really say I'm all there for it. For £4.25 I wouldn't necessarily buy it again, but it's definitely worth a try.

4. Greggs: Christmas Lunch Sandwich, £2.70

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Greggs, home to the best sausage rolls, every Northerner ever, and this Christmas sandwich. It's absolutely packed with fillings – turkey, stuffing, bacon, lettuce and, of course, cranberry sauce. The bread is admittedly a little thin for my liking, and it's not as cheap as you might expect, but the filling balance and taste are pretty damn great.

3. Caffe Nero: Veggie Festive Feast Flatbread, £3.95

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Featuring butternut squash, chestnuts, lentils and cranberries, this is definitely one to try. Life is tough for vegetarians and vegans during the festive season, but this flatbread totally makes up for all the turkey and stuffing-filled sandwiches that dominate every aisle. The chestnuts add a whole new world of flavour, but the cranberries keep it christmassy as ever.

2. Sainsbury's: Turkey Feast, £2.40

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As you may notice, I couldn't wait to tuck into this one. The turkey, the stuffing, the bacon and the cranberry sauce all join together in the most amazing union ever formed. Yes, the bacon isn't of the best quality, but I think Sainsbury's has nailed the ratios with this sandwich. The downside: it's not included in the meal deal. But don't worry, its similar but slightly inferior counterpart, the turkey, bacon and cranberry sandwich, is.

1. Pret: Christmas Lunch, £3.99

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OK, this sandwich may look VERY unevenly filled, but trust me, it's the best one around. The turkey-stuffing ratio is on point, and the stuffing itself is so flavoursome. The cranberry sauce is abundant af, and there's some spinach thrown in too for health. Some may even say there's too much leafage (myself included). But the pièce de resistance? The crispy onions. They add an unexpected and surprising crunch, which, I must admit, I was a little thrown off by before I realised what was going on. A work of genius. And even better, for each sandwich bought, 50p goes to the Pret Foundation Trust to help combat homelessness in the UK. Eat this sandwich and save humanity.

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