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Meet the hot young male actors making up the new all-boy gang in Clique series two

It may be November, but Edinburgh just got a whole lot hotter

The second series of the BBC Edinburgh University-based thriller Clique hit our screens on last Saturday and it did not disappoint. The show, with its feminist stance, previously featured a largely female-dominated cast, however, this series has a twist in the shape of an alt-right all-male clique, shaking up the scene for Holly McStay (Synnøve Karlsen) and other familiar faces from the first series.

Much like how she was drawn to the enigmatic female clique, Holly finds herself allured and intrigued by this new all-male clique, despite trying hard to live a normal student life and stay out of kind of troubles she faced in her first year.

It's time to meet the new boys who form the mysterious clique who view themselves as the opposition to normal student body and take it upon themselves to prank and combat campus "snowflakes" at the Edinburgh-based university.

Leo Suter (Jack)

Leo Suter, 25, plays Jack – the mysterious yet charming leader of the all-male clique that seems to have caught Holly's eye. Suter started acting professionally in his last year of school, and has gone on to build an impressive resumé over the last few years.

His first TV break was playing a "posh pupil" in 2012's Bad Education, before he went on to appear in Maleficent alongside Angelina Jolie and star as Sir Edward Drummond in the second series of ITV drama Victoria.

With Leo also playing the leading role in Oscar-winning Fred Roos’s Music, War and Love, due to be released next year, we can fortunately expect to see a whole lot more of the young British actor on our screens.

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This smooze was probably my highlight of Series Two so far

Despite his success in the acting world so far, the up-and-coming British star actually graduated with a 1st in Medicine from the University of Oxford, yet chose to pursue acting as a career instead.

A keen cricket-player in the past, a now-injured Leo’s hobbies include following the sport on the TV and radio, and, from the looks of his carefully curated Instagram feed, dabbling in photography. Not just a pretty face, it would seem.

Jyuddah Jaymes (Aubrey)

Talented performer Jyuddah Jaymes is swapping the stage for his first role as US exchange student Aubrey, who is also the newest member of the clique. He was trained at the National Youth Theatre, has a BA in Acting from the Bristol Old Vic Theatre School, and has appeared in numerous stage productions including Twelfth Night, The Taming of the Shrew, Our Country’s Good, and The Merchant of Venice, to name a few.

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Jyuddah’s Spotlight page is almost so impressive it's boarderline offensive. He is listed as being able to do an African-Eastern, African-American, American-Southern States, American-Standard, London, Midlands-East, Queen’s English, and South African accent, and his sports and skills are listed as basketball, football, rugby, running, stage combat, Thai boxing, contemporary dance, hip-hop dance, and period dancing. He also plays the bass guitar. Casual.

Aubrey, Barney, Calum and Jack, from left to right.

Barney Harris (Barney)

Barney Harris plays Barney (how original), who appears to be one of the more volatile and provocative members of the clique. According to his IMDb, the 22-year-old Londoner is mainly known for his roles in All Roads Lead to Rome (2015), Long Halftime Walk (2016), and Billionaire Boys Club (2018), whose stellar cast features Ansel Elgort, Emma Roberts, and Jeremy Irvine (Mamma Mia 2's young Sam *faints*). He also starred in British TV series The Hollow Crown (2016), opposite the daddy that is Benedict Cumberbatch.

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My cup of tea

Harris claims to have caught the acting bug after his appearance in his school's production of Jerusalem. He was discovered whist still at Eton, and was immediately signed up to The Artists Partnership, leaving the rising star forced to learn on the job. However, by the looks of things he hasn't done too badly so far.

Nicolas Nunn (Calum)

The last member of the clique is Nicolas Nunn – a newcomer to the world of acting. Nicolas's character Calum has a brotherly relationship with leader Jack, and becomes naturally rather suspicious of Holly on noticing the initial attraction between her and Jack, his boi. What's more suspicious, however, is the lack of information about Nicolas on the internet. Even his Instagram is private.

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We searched high and low but unfortunately found nun(n) about acting newbie Nicolas on the internet

Stuart Campbell (Fraser)

The last new boy on the scene is Stuart Campbell who plays Fraser, who – passionately in love with new girl Rayna, played by Imogen King – aligns himself with the feminist society Rayna heads up in order to impress her. One can probably think of better reasons to be a feminist, but we'll let this one slide.

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The Spotlight Young Performer, who also trained at the National Youth Theatre, has appeared in a number of TV roles, most notably in hit-series Outlander, set in 18th-century Scotland. According to his Spotlight page, Stuart is a talented climber, horse-rider, and swimmer. His page also states he can drive a car. It's the little things in life.

The second episode of Clique series two can be viewed on iPlayer from 10am this Saturday.