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‘Clique’ is returning tonight: The Edinburgh-based thriller is back for series two

Episodes will be available to stream from 10am every Saturday


The hugely-popular British television series "Clique" starring Synnøve Karlsen is returning to our screens on Saturday 10th November. It will be available to stream from the BBC Three website and from BBC iPlayer.

The programme first aired in March last year and had students far and wide hooked for six weeks. It was announced in January this year that the well-received thriller had been renewed for a second series.

The first series evolved around childhood best friends Holly and Georgia in the first year of their studies at a university in Edinburgh. Georgia quickly finds herself drawn into an elite clique of glamorous women called the "Solasta Women's Initiative", headed up by their lecturer Jude McDermid. As Georgia becomes more and more immersed in the clique, Holly feels herself becoming more isolated.

However, Holly's fears soon escalate into more than simply losing her best friend when she notices Georgia's increasingly reckless and erratic behaviour. In efforts to help and reach out to Georgia, Holly throws herself headfirst into the Solasta Women's Initiative, and finds a new world headed up by some of Edinburgh's top businessmen and women, that turns out to be equally as dark as it is lavish. Suddenly what seemed like a very PG and chilled programme turns into an outrageous bloodbath full of sex, drugs and murder – to put it lightly.

The second series which, like the first, was filmed in and around many parts of the Edinburgh University campus earlier this year, and sees the arrival of a new all-male alt-right clique, as well as favourites from the first season. The series is reported to be even wilder than the first, and tackles a range of challenging issues faced by young people in today's society, from toxic masculinity to "micro-aggressions".