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Stop using library study pods if you’re by yourself

You are the worst kind of person


Group projects are the second worst thing in the world. The worst? Heading to the library with a group of people you can barely stand only to find some entitled twat has taken up an entire pod to themselves. And none of the rest are free.

Technically, the study pods in the library are meant to be for groups of three or more. A group of two is mildly annoying but acceptable. At least a group of two has an excuse for taking a pod: they're a group.

It works me up into an absolute lather to see a smug individual taking up an entire pod to themselves. Coursemates and I have taken years off our lives scouring the library for a space we can all sit in – time that we could've spent studying. If you use these pods as an individual, you are the worst kind of person.

I don't care how many super important research papers you need to pore over – there's no way you need all the space of a pod. The individual study desks in the library have plenty of room. Do you really have so much stuff that you need the entirety of the study pod to spread out? Please, enlighten me.

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How is this not enough space for you??

I know for a fact you don't need the screen the pod comes with. It's called a laptop. Or a desktop computer. Get with it.

"But I'm saving it for my friends who are coming late," you say. Fine. You're allowed to save a pod for 10 to 20 minutes before other people turn up. What you can't do is monopolise a pod for two hours and claim you have friends on the way. We all know you don't have friends.

"But people were with me earlier", you say. Are they here now? No. Go sit by yourself like everyone else.

Maybe you need to be comfortable to study. The pods do offer the ability to lie down or kick your feet up. That's fair enough. Unfortunately, this is the library, not the John Lewis home section. Sit up straight, or go to your bed at home.

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Save the napping for your bed

I'm not 13 years old. I don't want to tell on you to the IS Helpdesk. So have some decency, and go find a seat on the fifth floor.