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Ranking the different types of Insta accounts in terms of how annoying they are

Which vibe do you go for?

Facebook is for old people and sharing uni events nowadays, and Snapchat is there for you to check Snapmap to see whether or not your crush is also in central. At the centre of it all lives Instagram, carrying with it a certain pressure to appear way cooler than you actually are.

Some people are over the top with their Instagrams, whilst others couldn't be anymore understated, not even gracing their followers with a profile picture on their account, and the rest choose to rebel against the idea altogether by having some sort of quirky, frustrating account

One thing is certain; there will come a point when you are scrolling down, or swiping through stories, and you’ll ask yourself why you're doing this. At this stage, are you even entertained by the videos and pictures of parties you didn’t go to?

Below you'll find some of the most annoying types of Instagram accounts, which have been ranked from least to slightly less infuriating.

1. The painfully aesthetic one

Placed at the mildest end of the annoying spectrum, this person qualifies as annoying only because you’re not them. Their profile both angers and intrigues you all at once, because part of you wishes yours looked the same. Surely they can’t just be so naturally beautiful, or lucky enough to photograph a perfect moment right on time?

Their brand might be on point, and yes, that is because they’re just more talented than you. However, they’re also paying for a £7 VSCO subscription and they’ve curated the order in which their carefully planned candids will go up.

2. The Finsta

Having a Finsta was that fad that didn't really last long. The only thing annoying about this otherwise delightfully ironic type of account was the fact that the people that ran them where never that funny in real life. Excluding that girl from school who used to actually bitch about everyone else by name on hers, Finstas got old as soon as they started to fill up with library selfies and blurry drunk pics.

3. The ghost

They’ll post exactly one picture per semester, and it’ll be edited to death. Their profile is barren and cold, a mismatched grid with less than ten photos taken in a five year span, and yet, their name pops up first on the list every time you upload a story, less than two minutes after you’ve posted. Proof that despite their social media silence, the ghost is always there watching.

4. The in your face art student one

Their art foundation year in London really changed them, and they went from wearing tank tops and joggers in school to everything Urban Outfitters. They’ll post pictures of random artwork, not because they like a particular piece, but because it contributes to the feed.

In terms of captions, simplicity is key: a single word, all lowercase letters, they don’t have time to use caps because they’re too busy being artsy. Stories of themselves will include doodles and ironic selfies of them looking all serious and bored, wearing a polo neck top.

5. The traveller

Taking every opportunity possible to post a #throwback photo to that summer in Malaysia, this person just won’t let you forget all those sick, eye-opening experiences they had that you will never understand. Their feed looks beautiful through no merit of their own; of course a birds-eye view of a boat is going to look peng, but only because they used a drone for to take the pic. Their pics will inevitably rack up more than three hundred likes, because their lifestyle is such goals.

6. The basic one

This person uses Instagram in the most basic way possible. They’ll post a picture every two days or so, mostly selfies, often bridging the gap between Instagram and Snapchat by posting pictures directly from one to the other (Huji is another popular option) The captions will be beacons of simplicity – a few emojis, a classic quote, or the reason behind the pic’s existence ("Amy’s Party!").

The main source of annoyance stemming from this type of account, however, comes in the form of Instagram stories. Whether it be drinks with the gals or a quiet library day, they’ll feel the obligation to story every one of their activities regularly, thus forcing you to skip their stories once they’re past the one minute mark.