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From three-kilo nachos to jackfruit: I tried all the best vegetarian meals in Edinburgh

Eat less meat!

The BBC recently came out with an article stressing the importance of a "flexitarian" diet in fighting climate change. Having recently become a vegetarian myself, I decided to embark on some delicious research to find the best Edinburgh spots that could convince even the biggest meat- eaters to take a break.

The Auld Hoose, St. Leonard's Street

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That's a lot of nachos

As an Edinburgh student, it's safe to assume my body composition is at least 40 per cent nacho at this point. And I'll be honest: I have never, and probably will never, know love like the veggie Auld Hoose nachos. If you're feeling bold and have a nice place to lie down after, grab five other friends and try the three kilo portion. Bonus: they offer a student discount on food!

On the Roll, George Square

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I'll be the first to admit that meat substitutes freak me out a little. However, if you blindfolded me and fed me the vegetarian bratwurst from On the Roll, I wouldn't be able to tell that it wasn't pork or beef. It’s also a pound cheaper than the meat options. Try it with some onions and curry sauce, and you have yourself the best on-campus lunch.

Union of Genius, George Square/Forrest Road

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Ready to dive in

If you're worried that vegetarian foods won't be substantial enough for you, look no further than the vegan chilli at Union of Genius. After eating it, all I wanted was to curl up with a blanket and a good book. That is high praise. You can also bring your used packaging back to get points towards free soup or chilli.

10 to 10 in Delhi, Nicolson Street/Clerk Street

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Dinner for two? Yes please

Have a hot date who's also a vegetarian? Bring them to 10 to 10 in Delhi, and share a vegetarian platter. The platter comes with six different options, drinks and dessert for two, and is only £16.95. Not to mention, it's absolutely delicious.

Paradise Palms, Lothian Street

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Delicious AND aesthetic

I'm still a little unclear on what exactly jackfruit it, but my god does it go well on chips – the jerk jackfruit fries from Paradise Palms could get anybody to give up meat. I paired it with the Southern Fried Halloumi and To'Fish bites, and it was plenty for two to share.

Herbivore Kitchen, Clerk Street

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Aptly named, you won't find yourself at a loss for vegetarian options at the Herbivore Kitchen. Carnivores and herbivores alike can come together for one of the best breakfasts I've ever had: their pancakes. These were a pure religious experience of fluffy and crunchy and sweet and savoury all in one.

With all of these delicious veggie options within a 10 minute walk of uni, there's no excuse – the next time you go out for food, remember that you don't have to sacrifice taste to help the planet.