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A prediction of all the trends that will hit Pollock Halls square in the face this year

Prepare for the boilersuit epidemic


Autumn has officially arrived, the steady stream of work is piling up, and it's time to accept that you already find yourself sliding rapidly down the slippery slope that is the Pollock dress code.

Though most of us will never admit it, we're naturally drawn to whatever the BNOCs scattered around campus are wearing, whether it be the ever-faithful flared trousers, or a more flamboyant orange iridescent puffer jacket.

You can try to justify your inclinations all you like, but just answer this – what are you doing reading this article right now? Oh yes, you're here to find out what you'll inevitably end up wearing as the year goes on.


You've heard of puffer jackets, now get ready for puffer skirts, shoes, trousers, and the likes. So you can look hot AND keep ur feet toasty this winter.

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Animal print

Whatever you're doing, be it studying in the library, braving the Edinburgh winds in The Meadows, or boogying at Bourbon – you'll never be more than 10 feet away from a leopard-print coat or cow-print flares this year. Of course, Riri knows where it's at.

Boiler suits

Soon enough you'll find yourself channelling your inner janitor with this fad. Are you on your way to a seminar, are you going to repair a broken pipe? No one knows.

G-String pants

Wear these "g-string pants" and never worry about VPLs again. Not only will you have the convenience of no underwear, but you'll also half your washing. You're welcome.


The hottest jacket of the year seems to feature a front hood for those extra rainy days.

Art statements

See you tonight rocking a piece of art on your chest, done by someone you don't know the name of.

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Clout goggles

Despite the extreme lack of sunlight, you're guaranteed to see these bad boys on the dance floor at the Wee Red Bar, will they ever go out of style?

This shaggy rainbow jacket

You'll always grab the attention of the room when you walk in wearing this baby.

Environmentally friendly garments

And, of course, how could we forget? These shirts will make extra sure everyone knows your student/feminist/activist bio is for real.