These were the best dressed people at FLY Open Air

Air Max 95s at FLY? Groundbreaking.

I don't know if anyone's ever referred to Edinburgh as a "concrete jungle" before, but after witnessing all of the animal print at FLY Open Air this past weekend I think we should claim the title.

You came. You raved. You threw up at 6pm. (Or was that just me?)

I present to you, the best dressed at FLY.

Anush, 23

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A vision in rainbow stripe and Adidas superstars

Alex, 19

Her mates will have no problem finding her, that's for sure

Jacob, 26

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A lot going on here. I'm getting very "dude who calls it 'Molly' instead of MDMA" vibes from this one. Nonetheless, I commend the outfit.

Fergus, 21

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Baby, it's a jungle out there. And this outfit is the king of it.

A very patterned and textured fit. A lot to unpack in this one, luckily Lois has got her bum bag keep it all together. Beaut x

Olivia, 20

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Abbie, 23

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An outfit as bright and positive as my outlook on life

Kenzo, 22

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Pink on pink topped off by a nasty rosé hangover

That's it. You all stunned, surprised, and surpassed my expectations! Until next year x