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Here are all the places you can get free period products and condoms around Edi

Creating a safer uni environment one free condom at a time

In a landmark scheme introduced by the Scottish government, Scottish unis are now offering free sanitary pads to students in an effort to stamp out period poverty.

The scheme began at Aberdeen University last year and offered free products to over 1000 low-income women, however the Scottish Government believe many more will benefit by widening the scheme to Edinburgh, Glasgow and Dundee.

Here at Edinburgh, the uni has been offering this for a while, however, and these products are easily accessible from the Advice Place in Potterow, and at King's Buildings from Monday-Thursday, meaning there will be no more shelling out vital drinks money for unnecessarily overpriced pads and tampons.

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Nor will you have to miss lectures on a heavy flow day because your bank card went walk-about in Why Not and you forgot to stock up on pads – you can now get them in advance for free.

Condoms are also readily available across campus too, as part of the C:Card scheme enabling people to access free condoms, lube, and femidoms for free. And whats more, the scheme is entirely anonymous meaning there's nothing stopping you from having lots of (safe) sexy times.

At the moment, the C:Card is available at the advice place at Potterow, but it's an NHS Lothian scheme, so it'll will work at all of these other locations that also offer the service.

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Although these locations have a limited supply at the moment, the new period product scheme will mean that the uni will soon be offering the free products in all school buildings, making it so much easier to grab your tampons if you're suddenly caught out.