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Street Style: George Square’s Best Dressed

Will these style gurus continue to pull through when exam season hits?

London Fashion Week may be over, but in Edinburgh, it has only just begun.

It's week 2, and we're already seeing the familiar sight that is students armed with puffer jackets and flared trousers, proudly filling every corner of George Square.

We went out to see which people were rocking the snazziest getups, and here's what we found.

Sophie, first year, History

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Sophie says she likes to match her colours and wear green, can you tell?

Madryn, second year, Medicine

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Madryn has two fashion inspirations: her little sister and the medical books that fill her bag

Gianluca, second year, Economics and Politics

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If Gianluca is wearing that puffer in 11 degree weather, I'm excited to see what he whips out when it's snowing

Laurie, fourth year, English Lit

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Laurie's favourite accessory? A good book, of course.

Kelechi, fourth year, French and Spanish

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Fun fact: Kelechi is wearing a traditional Icelandic jumper

The first week back gives way to high fashion, but time will tell if revision brings these style icons down to joggers and jumpers.

Stay stylish, Edinburgh.