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Edinburgh BNOC of the Year: Winner Revealed

Stop what you’re doing and read this

Here we are, Edinburgh. The people have voted and almost two thousand votes later, we have a winner. We've gone through four very competitive rounds, all of which have showcased some of Edinburgh's finest BNOCs.

Some have made us laugh and some made us cry. Some even made us want to let loose and get our boogie on.

We are very excited to bring you Edinburgh's newly crowned BNOC of the Year.

So, without further ado, the winner is…

Georgie Rodgers – 1st Place

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Congratulations Georgie!

Georgie is a third year history student, known by many people for her consistently jolly nature, her intense work ethnic, and her extremely commendable commitment to Edinburgh's theatre scene. She's acted in many of the university's productions, and she's also produced and directed a lot the others.

Across the competition, Georgie stacked up 262 votes in total, and secured a solid 120 of these in the final.

After we found out who the winner was, we contacted Georgie to get a taste her initial reaction, and find out how she felt about being awarded such a prestigious title.

Georgie said: "Oh my goodness, I am honoured! Can I put it on my CV? Honestly, I am thrilled. I feel even more thrilled about this than I do about my birthday that is in one week today. I'd like to thank everyone who voted for me because that is very lovely of them."

But of course, we cannot forget the runner up. This individual ran a very strong campaign, which felt very genuine and from the heart. The voters could not get enough of his vibe.

Anusan Wijayendran – Runner-Up

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Anusan is a third year medic and truly is one of life's good guys. He is one of the people behind 'Conscious', a mental health campaign set up by him and his friends from school, in response to one of their close friends taking their own life.

He made it his mission to do more and bring the issues surrounding mental health into the foreground. Conscious have hosted many very well-attended fundraiser events recently, and are planning a grand ball in the next academic year.

Anusan collated 269 votes in total, but only secured 67 votes in the final round which meant that he did not win on this occasion – despite having an exceptionally strong first round.

We also caught up with Anusan and he said: "Wow, I really wasn't expecting this and definitely did not expect to get 200 votes in the first round – I didn't realise I even knew that many people.

"I'm also going to shamelessly give a shout out to the Conscious Mental Health charity ball, which I'm bringing to Edinburgh. Keep your eyes out for the really exciting plans we have."

Congratulations to everyone who took part and managed to rake in a good amount of votes as well. And of course, to all of you who voted in Edinburgh's BNOC of the Year 2018.