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Edinburgh BNOC of the Year: Round 4

It’s time for the final round

Alright people, it's time for the fourth round of The Tab's BNOC of the Year 2018. After this, we'll take it to the semi-finals, where the winners of the first four rounds go head to head for a second round of voting.

This round is probably the craziest yet, featuring kick boxers who are on Team GB, and people who meet people on a train ride and then let them stay the night in their flat, but which one deserves the BNOC crown the most?

Sarah Baillie, second year, Business with Marketing

Whether it's being a brand ambassador for Tinder, having strange Irishmen she'd met for a matter of hours stay over at hers, or trying to pay for a meal deal with a condom, Sarah's done it all.

One time, when Sarah was on her way back up to Edinburgh from Newcastle, she ended up sitting opposite two Irish fourth years. After chatting to them for the entire journey, they all went out for dinner.

After the meal, one of the Irishmen realised that they'd lost their keys. Sarah, unsure if this was a simple mistake or a shoddy pickup line gave him the benefit of the doubt and offered him her sofa for the night. In the morning, he ended up making pancakes for her entire flat.

Sarah's antics do not end here. Another time, when Sarah went out to WhyNot, she was partying so hard that her head clattered into what was described by her as "the hardest skull known to man".

Sarah ended up unconscious on the WhyNot dance floor and had to be carried out by the bouncer.

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Victoria Collins, first year, Medicine

Victoria is a points fighter on WAKO (World Association of Kickboxing Organisations) Team GB. This involves going to various locations around the UK, training long hours, and getting beaten up in hope that you'll then get flown to somewhere exotic to get beaten up some more.

When Victoria isn't kickboxing strong, angry people, she is attending stranger's dinner parties. One time, as her and her friend left a black tie uni event, a passer-by invited the both of them to a dinner party of their own later that night.

They had some time to kill, so decided to nip into the Church of Scientology to take a personality test. At the church, a man led Victoria and her friend into the altar room and closed door on them as he left. As they tried to leave, the door refused to open. The two of them were stuck in the Church of Scientology for longer than they were both comfortable. Once they were freed they hopped along to the stranger's house for a spot of tiramisu.

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Georgie Rodgers, third year, History

Georgie is one of Edinburgh’s most familiar faces in the theatre scene. She spends every minute of every day either in Bedlam theatre or just outside the library selling cakes to raise money for a different charity every week.

Not only this, but Georgie is the President of EUSOG, and she has been involved in fifteen University productions in her three years at Edinburgh, be it producing, directing or acting.

A funny story that Georgie has is of a time in first year when her mum came up to Edinburgh to visit her. Georgie was so excited to introduce her mum to all of her friends; perhaps too excited. As she escorted her mother around Pollock Halls, she ended up taking her mum into her friend's room. Her friend at this point was actually in bed with a girl. It was a very intimate introduction, to say the least.

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