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If you own most of the things on this list you’re definitely a stationery addict

We blow our student loans one felt tip at a time

For the stationery obsessed, exam season is a haven for our addiction. We able to flourish in Rymans, Blackwell's and if we're feeling super naughty, Paperchase. Stationery addicts can wander freely among others without having to bow their heads in shame.

How do you know if you're a stationery addict? If you identify with at least five of these things, then you definitely need to book yourself in for some form of stationery-related therapy.

A novelty rubber that is an awkward shape and too pretty to ruin

When you've spent a fortune on a multipack of rubbers in Paperchase, the last thing you want to do with it is rub something out. Once you do this, the rubber immediately loses its charm, and you already want a new one. The obtuse shape doesn't really bother you, and nor does the fact that they're quite bad when it comes to actually rubbing things out. The desk looks cute though, so who cares?

The mega pack of Stabilo fine liners

Okay, you don't have to be a stationery addict to own these. Most of us forced our mum into buying these, all to make our A-Levels a bit less depressing. If this isn't the case, and you're actually willing to splurge £20 on a pack of glorified felt tips, then you might want to ask yourself whether you are a stationery addict. These kind of expenses can't really be justified when have to buy food and what not.

Pastel highlighters, because neon is way too mainstream

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The owners of these are an elite club of stationery-lovers, who are smug about the fact their short-range vision will be less harmed than the fools using regular Stabilo highlighters. It takes serious dedication to traipse around the city in order to find the specific shop that stocks them. However, they are crucial if you want your stationery to match the vibe that your marble-skinned MacBook case and chai latte drink gives you.

Endless piles of notebooks that you get bored of and never fill

For any stationery addict, notebooks are the biggest liability, especially when you've spent £15 on an A5 notebook with Tyrion Lannister's silhouette on that you have no intention of ever using. These notebooks are almost too nice to ruin, so you find typing up your notes on Pages the preferred alternative.

A bullet journal from that time you were going to start a StudySpo Instagram account

In theory, bullet journals are supposed to cultivate your time-management skills, allow you to prioritise your week, and allow you to see what you need to keep working on. In reality, they're more like an advanced game of noughts and crosses. Suddenly you've forgotten what a certain asterisk meant, as you're left more confused than Neville Longbottom when he loses his Rememberall.

Japanese gel pens

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Who knows what magic a white gel pen can create?

Some people out there may think that waiting for three weeks for a pack of gel pens to arrive is a little bit sad when you can go to your local Sainsbury's and pick up a value pack for less than a fiver. But only true stationery addicts know the true sentimental value of these babies.

With at least five exams per year for most degrees, modern education is basically advocating the epidemic of stationery addiction – and cultivating a society consumed by the novelty of dinosaur rubbers and rose gold desk accessories. But hey, if we're paying nine grand a year for these notes, then you bet they'll be drizzled in pastel highlight.

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