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New ‘privately educated only’ dating app to launch tomorrow

It ‘brings together people with similar backgrounds’

Apparently, apps such as Tinder and Bumble aren't good enough for some people who've had the privilege and funds to attend fee paying schools, and to resolve that problem a new app, exclusively for those who have attended private school, plans to launch tomorrow.

The app is named 'Toffee', a play on how incredibly posh its users are expected to be, and to ensure that its users are considered worthy enough to use the app "has a hybrid checking process that utilises both automated social media cross checks in addition to a manual screening process."

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The app then has sliders to ensure shared interests are present, such as how important one's interest is horse racing or rugby is.

Co-founder Lydia Davis, an alumni of Oxford Brookes with a Marketing Management degree, argued: "Toffee knows and research shows that opposites don’t always attract, so the app intelligently brings together people with similar backgrounds and shared experiences who are more likely to stick together."

Surely this must make you question what is 'the opposite' of these types of people? Do they see state schooled people as so mannerless, unsophisticated and ill-brought up that they cannot match their 'backgrounds and experiences?'

Does a lack of private education mean they cannot fathom the luxuries they have had in their life so much so that they cannot hold a conversation, never mind harbour an attraction to people who haven't had the same opportunities as they have? Or is it okay that it's simply a case of them preferring to be around and date those who've had an upbringing to their standard?

Davis says: "Among the many apps out there, there isn’t one for people who were privately educated, so 'Toffee' can fill that space."

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The app also has a Facebook page (with a whopping 43 likes) and a website to promote its aims.

With only 7 per cent of the nation's youth attending private school, surely it makes sense for them to breach out into the real world rather than stay in an elitist bubble, something this app is backhandedly promoting.