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Clubbers of the Week

The semester is finished and so are our overdrafts!

While there may still be occupiers in Gordon Aikman – albeit just the ten of them- Edi babes didn't let it get to them as they rung in Easter weekend in true Edinburgh fashion; getting smashed and waking up on the floor in Hive, classic.

Keep that cursor scrolling for some sweet clubbers of the week!

Stunner of the Week

Runner Up

get yourself a dress that matches your highlight… 10/10

Creeper of the Week

so many creepers

Runner Up

the new creeper epidemic: awkward white boy

(see prior)

Mutant of the Week

Runners Up

What I'd call a layman's attempt to become Patrick the starfish

the ferocious two- headed lumberjack

Hero of the Week

get yourself a man that promotes French philosophy

Runners Up

When your bday party has to out-do Jesus'

Heroine of the Week

Runners Up

YAS m8

Wanker of the Week

Take pride in that you beat a dude wearing a Canada Goose to the title

Runner Up

A token Goose

Unhappy Clubber of the Week

This chick has her pal 'Sam' to thank for the recommendation

Runners Up

what is this, 2005??

Album Cover of the Week

When your straighteners break before pres

WTF of the Week

Wearing animal print doesn't mean you need to act like one, mate.

Runners Up

Pretty Little Liars 2.0


Best of the Rest


Talk to the hand cos I'm too drunk to listen

When you've spent the past hour thinking about what came first, the chicken or the egg?

Me, after hitting the Vaults at Pleasance for the first time

To be drunk, or not to be drunk? That is the question

Photography credits:

Ben Glasgow

David Wilkinson// Empirical

Neil Stewart

Martin Vesselinov