There were fewer than TEN people occupying the Gordon Aikman Lecture Theatre this weekend

So much for solidarity

According to one of the leading members of the occupation, fewer than ten students were actually occupying the Gordon Aikman Lecture Theatre this weekend.

One of the leading members of the occupation admitted within a closed Facebook group for Edinburgh Co-operative housing members, who have been organising the majority of the occupation, that there are now fewer than ten students who remain in the building.

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Is this the beginning of the end for the student occupation?

In a comment on a Co-operative Facebook group appealing for more support for the occupation, Mattia Verme said: "It's easter weekend and many are away. There less than 10 of us left here."

The occupation initially started in support of our striking lectures, but has since shifted into a wider movement that culminated with their attempt to take the Edinburgh Future's Institute name.

The occupation began on the 13th of March and since then, the occupiers have attempted stunts to increase their profile, including but no limited to drumming outside the library, interrupting lectures and draping banners.

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The occupation renamed the lecture theatre via this extravagant stunt

Last month The Tab Edinburgh launched its own undercover operation into the occupation discovering poor sleeping conditions, a plot to occupy the library, and more.

Now that there are fewer than ten students who remain in the building, has student support for the occupation all but faded?

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