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‘Seriously, what makes us bitchy?’: Going to an all girls school is absolutely great and here’s why

If you get the ‘shit I think I’ve just come on’ feeling, feel free to ask everyone in your history class if they have a pad

If there's a phrase that really, really rattles my tail it's that 'all girls schools are sooooo bitchy', because whilst it definitely has it negatives, it is one of the most wonderful experiences that a girl is lucky enough to experience. Unless you choose to join a convent, when else in your life are you gonna be around solely women on a day to day basis?

I went to all girls school and live in a female home, and coming to Uni and seeing boys (in the flesh for the first time!!!) isn't all it's cracked up to be and made me realise that all girls school really was fucking amazing. Here's why:

You become fucking bomb at makeup

Being around 150 girls every day for up to seven years will make you a full blown connoisseur. You will go through a stage of thick black eyeliner, woeful thin eyebrows though and foundation stained collars, but you'll hit these learning curves when everyone is too young to notice and go to uni as basically an MUA. What's not to love about that?

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Exhibit A; getting bad brows out the way early in life.

You're not assed about periods at all

Periods may come once a month but they can be incredibly irregular – in an all girls school you might feel a lil bit embarrassed in year seven and eight, but by year nine everyone in your class will have them.

If you get the 'shit I think I've just come on' feeling, feel free to ask everyone in your history class if they have a pad – someone will, nothing to be embarrassed about. 10/10 for convenience. At uni you won't be embarrassed either, because you've been around enough strong women to know that men are arseholes if they're gonna be immature about it.

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Let's be honest, someone's gonna have a tampon

Who gives a fuck if 'we're all lesbians'

Like all schools, we have a diverse mix of sexualities, except the girls at my school are funny as fuck because they've been given the capacity to blossom without toxic masculinity being shoved in their face. These girls cater to no one.

Your house parties are 80 per cent women

Whilst this sounds shit when you're old enough to start getting interested in boys, there's nothing funnier than getting pissed with a huge group of girls you've known since you were eleven years old. It's like getting pissed with the loose women cast basically.

You're not worrying over lads and trying ti impress them, and so you're not spending half your time in the toilet telling your mates that 'he's not worth it' because there's zero lads to be bothered over. It's bliss.

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Ft. Token male

You bond over fit male teachers a lot

You may be starved of masculinity at uni, and if school girls love one thing, it's that one fit teacher that is worshipped by the whole school because there's no other blokes about. It's always a talking point with girls and you'll all mourn together when he ends up getting with your English teacher.

You don't have to be bothered about feeling like a lady 24/7

Patriarchy is not present here, no one gives a shit if you burp or eat like a pig, there's an unspoken code that you can just be yourself and no one is going to judge you for it. It's great.

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You can enjoy yourself in matriachal bliss

But can look like princesses when the time comes

A follow up from the first point, we know how to dress up when we want to – meaning that when prom hits, rather than having half of the year in boring black suits, we're all in dresses and put the effort in. What's not to love?

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Your sporting teams aren't overshadowed

Sport is dictated by men, with female sports teams in society completely underrated. However, in girls leagues they're given the confidence to play competitively in a field they're appreciated in. Also, Netball is 100000 per cent better than rugby, and no one breaks a leg.

What makes us bitchy? Seriously, tell me?

If you don't like a bit of gossip every now and then, you're lying. But seriously, why do people think all girls schools are inherently bitchy?

We have less boy drama for a start, but we do have the confidence because of it (because we're not overshadowed by loud testosterone fuelled men) to call people out. We don't sit idly by and get treated like shit, but speak about it because we can – if that makes me a bitch I take great pride in it.

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Girls are better, end of