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Here are the best dressed people from the 2018 Edinburgh Charity Fashion Show

It’s called fashion, darling

The self-titled "Greatest Show on Earth" – or as you may know it , the Edinburgh Charity Fashion Show – took place on March 10th at Dynamic Earth. The student-run show occurs annually in order to raise money for an Edinburgh-based charity – this year it was the Super Power Agency based in Leith.

In true fashion week style, Edi came out in force serving powerful and creative looks, despite the obligatory bucket hat.

Dan Bello, 4th Year, Business Management

What's the vibe? The first thing I pulled out of my wardrobe that was suitable for a fashion show, I think.

Katya, Art History and Maddy, French

What's the vibe? Ruffles are really big right now and we wanted to wear something that works both casually and for a night out. We designed them ourselves for our brand.

Atilla, 4th year, Economics

What's the vibe? Millenial chic.

Rheanna, 4th Year, Chemistry

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What's the vibe? FUN. A powersuit in honour of International Women's day!

Kit, 2nd year, Sociology & Anthropology

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What's the vibe? I'm a designer, my clothes feature oranges (yes real oranges) but tonight I just wanted to wear pink and white to go with my hair.

Carin, 4th year, Economics

What's the vibe? I was going for a mix of 'The Greatest Show on Earth' ft. Kim K, and heels I can't walk in.

Benjamin D C Dunkley, 2nd year, Mechanical Engineering

What's the vibe? There were no vibes.

Jordan and Valentin, Masters students

What's the vibe? We live together as a couple of designers and so we wanted to coordinate with one another. We're a couple of French minimalists.

Zoe, 3rd year, Business Management

What's the vibe? Funky, casual, and chic.

Sean, 4th year Economics and Shiraz, 4th year, Politics

What's the vibe? It's very much a sophisticated minimalism, aka Wakanda, simple plain colours with a splash of high fashion.

Lauren, 3rd year, English & Scottish Literature

What's the vibe? I chose the jumpsuit because it was quite minimal and then with the theme of the circus in mind I tried to introduce some colour via my accessories to have some fun.

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