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There will be no Big Cheese tomorrow because of the ‘Beast from the East’

Totally fair tbh

This week's dire weather has taken another victim, as tomorrow's Big Cheese has been cancelled a day in advance.

EUSA have announced that all of their buildings will be closing at 11pm both today and tomorrow to ensure safe travelling conditions for both their staff and students.

Just gonna have to boogie in Hive instead

The news of there being no Big Cheese tomorrow adds to a long list of cancelled events across campus over the past few days. The library and the majority of the university have been closed since Wednesday afternoon and there is still no news as to when it will reopen.

Whilst the reasons behind the cancellation are entirely fair, there's no reason why the Big Cheese could just be moved to run from 5pm-11pm. That way we could avoid the snow, pick up some scran on the way home and get a good night's sleep without ruining your body clock.