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Edinburgh Uni Rector candidate Ann Henderson calls for students to put pressure on the uni at today’s Bristo Square rally

The deadline for voting is tomorrow evening

One of the many speakers at today's Bristo Square rally in support for the UCU strikes, at which hundreds of students attended in solidarity with their lecturers, was the Edinburgh Rector candidate Ann Henderson.

In her speech she drew back on her own experiences campaigning for students and staff to stand together in pursuit of better working and living conditions as a student at Edinburgh 40 years ago, and how this year's strikes shows that the battles students and staff faced back then are still ongoing.

Image may contain: Parade, People, Person, Human, Crowd

After her speech, she spoke briefly to The Tab about student involvement in the strikes. On seeing so many students at the rally, she said: "I was really encouraged by it, I think the dispute is about the future and it's crucial that students are involved in the strikes. It's been really good talking to and hearing from students and they're showing different ways of showing support.

"Universities UK need to come back to the table for negotiations. Any pressures that students or anybody in the city who's concerned about the future of the education system and the university should do what they can, contact the Principal and say what they think."

Ann also commented on whether or not students should cross picket lines outside university buildings. She said: "UCU are rightly saying that it's everybody's own individual decision. I think a lot of students today – I was up at King's Buildings earlier this morning – have just not come in at all and that's also a way of showing support.

"For me a picket line is a chance for workers to explain their case and that's a good thing for them of course but the UCU's position is a good one. There are so many ways people can show support – it can be by writing to the Principal, contributing to the Strike Fund, tell their families and their communities at home so a louder voice can be made in numerous different ways."

Voting for this year's Rector elections is open from now until 7pm tomorrow evening.