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The box room is the best room, and here’s why you should take it

Who needs all that extra space anyway?


Ever since childhood, your idea of a dream bedroom was probably characterised by a big, extravagant space, which you could sprawl out in and fill with all of the random "stuff" that made it uniquely yours.

In the first year of uni though, this vision of a grand bedroom is often shattered – as you're shoved into a poky, cramped, cold room in student halls with pebble-dash for walls making it seem kind of like a prison cell. As a result, in second year, you want nothing more than to move straight into that massive Marchmont tenement with the bedrooms that are three times the size of your room in halls. However, this isn't always the best way to go – instead, I think we should learn to love the box rooms.

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For a start, they're always the warmest. The last thing you need in the depths of an Edinburgh winter, when you have single-glazed windows, is a large draughty room with high ceilings. It likely won't heat up at all despite how high you have the radiator turned up. This perpetuates the endless cycle of wanting to stay in bed because it's too cold, but also wanting to get out of the flat to uni because it's too cold, however not being able to change into acceptable day time outfit because it is too bloody cold.

You can also try and bargain for cheaper rent because nobody wants to take the small room, especially when most Edinburgh bedrooms are huge converted living rooms anyway. Let your flatmates fight over who gets the biggest, most draughty room, while you chill in your cosy little one, knowing your flat mates will gladly pay you off for more space.

Everything is always within reaching distance because the room is too tiny for all your furniture, so your phone on your desk or that book on the shelf is little more than arm's length away. You barely need to leave your bed some days, because everything you need is always just at the end of it.

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everything I need within arm's reach

One of the best things is how cute and cosy you can make it look with minimal effort. Simply putting up some fairy lights and lighting a few candles, coupled with throwing a blanket or two on your bed, is a recipe for complete cosy cuteness.

So cute and cosy

Ultimately, taking the small room is undoubtedly the best. There's less floor space to hoover, and you're warm all the time, which is a definite plus in an Edinburgh winter. Honestly, who really needs a big room? So much wasteful space. Box rooms are the way to go.