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Edinburgh’s Clubbers of the week – Valentine’s Edition

Edi’s getting steamy and creamy

For some, Valentine's Day is a chance to celebrate love with your SO, to have a cosy night in watching the Crown on Netflix and pigging out on Dominoes.

In Edi, however, V-Day is a time for beds in clubs, licking whipped cream of strangers' chests and pulling anything with a pulse.

Stunner of the Week

heaven is legit shining down on her

Runners Up

2018 is the year of the fringe i'm calling it

Wanker of the week


Runners Up

coats in a club

Really … The schoffel again mate?

Creeper of the week

Runners Up

WTF of the week

didn't realise they were screening the new 50 shades

Runners Up

i just really love Maccy's ok

the closest Drake's every getting to yo panties

The human centipede vol 5

Mutant of the week

The two- headed uniqlo coat

Runners Up

So many hands going on here


Unhappy clubber of the week


Runners Up

i don't even know these people

"Wait til my mummy hears about this!"

getting philosophical

Valentines' Dates of the Week

Keeping things spicy since 1977

Edi's answer to Posh and Becks?

the dude's face in the back says it all really

Heroine of the Week


Runners Up

for being brave enough to rock that V cut

who needs real friends when imaginary ones are so much better?

we've all been that girl

Hero of the Week


praying for u

Runners Up

anyone else want to know what's under his kilt?

time for bed

Album Cover of the Week

Best of the Rest

is drinking through a straw meant to be this difficult?

women after my own heart

Photography Credits:

Rascals, Creme Soda, Lost – David Wilkinson//EMPIRICAL

Hector's House, Milk, Broke – Ben Glasgow