Clubbers of the Week

You can’t buy love, but can you get the next round?

It’s getting to that point in the semester where we don’t really know if we should start doing our work or not, but it seems like you guys definitely aren’t.

Whatever, shall we?

Stunner of the Week 

Guestlist stamp on chest, a statement

Runners Up 

My girl, always killing it

WTFs of the Week 


I thought we were going night swimming, my bad

Single and ready to flamingle

Mutant of the Week 

When it hits you all at once

Runners Up

Pals are always there for support

Are you in pain?

I just noticed that he was giving a thumbs up!

My face when I see Krispy Kremes

A lot of mutants this week, I like it.

Oh but wait, there’s more

Amazing! Tune in next week, it could be you?

Creeper of the Week


Third wheel of the week 

This guy!

Wanker of the Week

Someone get man on the left a paracetamol

Runners Up 

Take your jackets off hahaha like what are you doing you’re probs so sweaty just do it like wrap it around your waist, stop it

Big night out at Frat Wednesdays with the Boys, yano

What did I do? Put you in Wankers of the Week? You should be thanking me if anything!

Heroine of the Week 

Did you manage to get a bottle at Creme? Well, honey, that makes one of us

Runners Up 

I am the queen of the R&B room, bow down

HOLD THE PHONE – is that a VK in her pocket? You guys find new ways to surprise me every time!

Few things can get in the way of a gal and her flamingo

Hero of the Week 

Don’t talk to me or my son ever again

Runners Up 

“Guys, the guy from JLS is behind me – insane”

All I see is a floating head?

Standing on a table in the LED room. 5 quid prosecco in hand. Gucci gang is playing. The world is yours. This is it.

Unhappy Clubbers of the week 

No pictures please, I’ve just lost my phone and wallet and I’m not sure where I am

“You made me put trousers on for this..”

But really, I don’t know her


“You will never guess how much the new vice chancellor makes…”


Album Cover of the Week

The Hunchbacks of Notre Lulus

Best of the Rest 

I, also, dissociate in the club

The Triumph of Bacchus by Diego Velasquez, but the 2018 version

How I sneak Bucky into Cab Vol

Me illegally streaming episodes of Jersey Shore