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Edinburgh University given WORST possible ranking for freedom of speech on campus

The Uni and EUSA have created a ‘hostile environment for free speech’

Spiked has updated its 2018 rankings for free speech on campus at universities across the UK, and gave Edinburgh a Red (the worst possible rank).

Edinburgh made no improvement on its Red ranking, which it received in 2017, 2016 and 2015, when the ratings began.

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Whatever Edi has, it has form

The University earned an 'Amber' ranking, however EUSA earned a 'Red' which confirmed the accolade. The University was under fire for their 'Dignity and Respect' policy, 'Trans Equality Policy' and 'Social Media Handbook'. Along with having cancelled a speech by Tommy Robinson, who had been due to speak at both Edinburgh and Durham, for addressing a 'Pegida' rally in Germany.

Pegida have been described as a 'far-right' and 'German nationalist' movement, set up ostensibly to resist the 'Islamisation' of Europe.

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The offending policies in brief

EUSA came under heavier fire for having a 'Safe Space Policy' and having banned the Sun newspaper from its outlets after a 2012 referendum. The clause of which requested the end of its sales on EUSA sites.

Other issues listed were the banning of 'Pocahontas ' or 'Caitlyn Jenner' fancy dress, along with the banning of advertisements by Arms companies. Spiked described the EUSA as 'ban happy'.

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EUSA's boycotts earned the University its consecutive fourth year of Red

Edinburgh counts the fellow Scottish Universities of St. Andrews, Dundee, Queen Margaret, Stirling and Strathclyde as having also been ranked Red.

Furthermore within the Russell Group Birmingham, Cardiff, Imperial, King's, Leeds, Manchester, Oxford, Newcastle, Queen Mary, Sheffield, UCL and Warwick have all earned a 'Red' ranking.