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Vice Chancellor confirms that Edinburgh Uni won’t close completely during the lecturer strikes

All students were sent an email this morning

In the first official university communication about the upcoming UCU strikes, the University's controversial new Principal and Vice Chancellor, Peter Mathieson, has sent out an official email to students this morning confirming some details and the university's position.

The email acknowledges that the University is committed to finding the solution of a "pensions package which staff see as attractive and which remains affordable and sustainable both for individuals and universities."

He also reminds students that not all lecturers will be striking, and though this will differ from department to department, the University will not completely close during the strike period (which covers 14 working days and extends from the 26th February to the 20th March) and for those whose teachers are not part of the UCU, classes will continue as normal.

You might see lecturers picketing outside Old College

Students in support of the strike are encouraged to write to Mathieson to urge the university to consider the lecturers' demands, in the hope that the strike will not continue for its full length of 14 working days.

Professor Mathieson's appointment by the University has been criticised due to unsympathetic testimonials of his previous posting at the University of Hong Kong as well as for his £400k pay he will receive in his first year in office – particularly in light of the pension cuts our lecturers and tutors will be facing.

Further information on the strikes can be found on the EUSA website as well as in this post from The Tab Edinburgh.