PSA: The library cafe and DHT have scrapped the £5 minimum spend on cards


Gone are the days of having to splurge on bagels, popcorn and flavourless – everything free – crisps when all we really wanted was a bottle of water. The Library Cafe and DHT Cafe have finally scrapped the £5 minimum spend on cards that had previously been the bane of every dedicated student's existence.

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a receipt so beautiful I could cry

No more will we stress about having cash on us or enough credit on UpayChilli – is anyone else still not sure what that actually is?

Now can buy apples for 50p to our hearts' content. We don't have to order extra large – frothy- soya- almond- double shot of vanilla – cappuccino when we just needed a quick caffeine boost.

Our prayers have been answered and our overdrafts are forever greatful.