What your Edinburgh University location says about you, in starter pack form

You know it’s true

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Arriving at uni you feel ready to make, or re-make yourself. But no matter how much you feel like you're developing into an independent young adult, you're probably still going to relate to your Edinburgh Uni spot in starter pack format. Be honest did you really need that MacBook?


How can the word 'peak' be negative??

You're English, your school had fees and you make no attempt to hide it. Except for the claim that your mum packed those red cords. You love to ski, play hockey, and watch cricket, often seen Canada Goose clad, you're the epitome of why people hate Edinburgh students.

The Edinburgh Uni accent is yours, you're the big accommodation on campus, you love to be hated.

King's Buildings

You think you're Brian Cox, but you're really Neil deGrasse Tyson

Unlike your George Square rivals those glasses are essential, but those cargo shorts are not. If Edinburgh University had a 'nice guy' society, this would be it (except for you Engineers). But, in few years time you'll have a professional job and Chemistry soc memories.

George Square

You're all so individual it's hard to tell you apart

You went on an enlightening gap year, changed your hair and grew out of your 'The 1975' phase. You defined yourself with the same backpack, trousers and coat. Now you're passionate about some humanities subject and veganism and yet the hardest decision of the day will always still be Docs or Stan Smiths.

Easter Bush

Just having a lab coat and a stethoscope doesn't make it the same

You missed out on Doctor, but being a Vet is just the same, right? You're allowed to put 'Dr' before your name so for all intents and purposes it's the same degree, right? There's probably some struggling state like Eritrea that will let you practice medicine there. Signing up for 'Vets without borders' will still sting.

Edinburgh Medical School

You probably lived in Pollock in your first year

You've got a six year long degree, years of specialisation, and even more years of crushing stress and pitiful pay as a junior Doctor, but that's fine because at the young age of 33 you can go private and live the life. We're all secretly a little bit jealous that you'll actually manage it, too.


Oh you do History of Art? You didn't say.

If you're wearing a Beret and you're not A. a solider or B. French, then you're probably C, at the Edinburgh College of Art. You liked Van Gogh until you realised everyone else did, so you decided you liked Mayakovsky until you realised everyone liked him too. You rock your vintage reebok sweater than cost more than it did retail, and often may be seen clutching your very important mechanical pencil, or equally as important pac of Amber Leaf. You know smoking is bad, but not in the same way cultural appropriation is bad. So it's okay. You've got loud opinions, ketamine and culottes, and clap in lectures because you're so thankful to actually be our of the studio for an hour or two.

Robertson's Close

Doesn't really make up for the mice though, does it?

You picked the accommodation closest to the clubs, you like controlled substances and loud music. Robertson's Close was built for pres, you can stumble into Hive 30 seconds from the front gate, what's not to love?

Any other accommodation

Oddly enough I haven't heard of BushBank AvenueHill, please try to explain where it is to me in vague terms

"It's just opposite the railway line, near that car dealership? Down that long street near Holyrood? No that other one?" If it's nice, you regret you didn't pay to go to Pollock, if it's grim you regret you didn't pay to go to a nicer one. It's first year and you live 50 minutes away from George Street?