University of Edinburgh

Clubbers of the Week

Staff wars: the education system strikes back

With the impending doom of staff strikes (boo) and innovative skiing month (yay) approaching it looks like Edi students have been doing everything in their power to remember that life isn't shit – it's only nine- grand a year down the ol' plug hole. Here's a look at this weeks' round of fabulous people who DGAF.

Stunner of the Week

This was really tricky cos i swear everyone at rascals is HOT

Runners Up

The name's Bond

Even her friends want to pap her

Creeper of the Week

A classic

Runners Up

You know it's a good night when even the security don't give a fuck anymore

WTF of the Week

Runners Up

Please refer thyselves to: "Since when did middle class hot boys start shaving all their hair off"

Not sure what she meant when she wished for a sugar daddy on her birthday

Who forgot to leave their grandpa at home?

Poor big mac, that tongue is doing damage

Oh hun hope it's insured

Mutant of the Week

Runners Up

Who knew people could grow hands out their heads?

Digging for gold?

Wankers of the Week

Both so bad i couldn't decide

Runners up

Schoffel Wankaaa

Hero of the Week

Shout out to the real MVP for rocking up on crutches

Runners Up

Cue Tom Odell "Real Love"

Heroine of the Week

Just for the pants

Runners Up

Unhappy Clubber of the Week

No really, I dont know her

Runners Up

She's deffo calling you up on your bullshit after this

When the DJ declines your requests

Album Cover of the Week

Fittest girl band i've ever seen in Edi

Runners up

Political Campaigns of the Week

Lord Kitchener is that you bro?

Best of the Rest

This is like some mid 00's TV promotional shot

Boi bai

This is how Italians eat their Maccy D's

This is what happens when people don't enforce dress codes

Ben Glasgow – Hector's House, Milk Tuesdays,

Martin Vesselinov – Silk Thursdays, Frat

Davild Wilkinson// EMPIRICAL- Rascals, Creme Soda, Lost Fridays

Neil Stewart – Flare