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People who talk in lectures need to get some manners or just leave

You’re not special, don’t act like you are

I get it, sometimes lectures can be boring, but talking through them isn't going to achieve anything other than distracting and irritating those around you.

Talking over a lecturer is not only annoying, but it's unbelievably rude. At the end of the day, we're at university to learn, so don't ruin lectures for other people just because you don't want to be there.

There is a time and a place for a friendly chat with your mates, but I can guarantee no one else in your lecture cares about how drunk you were over the weekend or how many girls your flatmate got with on a night out.

Please reserve your personal stories for a cafe or the privacy of your own home. We all enjoy a good gossip, but when you're trying to concentrate in a lecture, especially if you don't understand the topic, being subjected to mindless chatter regarding completely trivial matters is only going to make learning more difficult for everyone else.

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The place for gossiping is at home with a cup of tea

Talking during lectures is massively disrespectful to the lecturers. Our lecturers are experts in their field of study, so we should be honoured to be taught by them.

Not all lecturers have the confidence to tell students to be quiet during class, but they shouldn't have to tell anyone to be quiet because everyone should be respectful enough to listen attentively.

Not all lecturers are as commanding as others, and not all lecturers are as interesting as others, but if you do get bored in lectures then do us all a favour and go on your phone or your laptop – please don't talk.

Some lecturers are not scared to tell students to be quiet, but some of the reactions to being called out shock me. Some people have either continued to talk, have laughed, or openly complained about lecturers for telling them to shut up while they're trying to teach.

If a lecturer calls you out for talking, either be quiet or get out. It's not difficult. We're all adults at university, we should all be mutually respectful of each other and our teachers. Instead of reacting like a child when being called out for talking, just suck it up and let them get on with the lecture.

If you're still struggling to see what I'm getting at, put yourself in the shoes of a lecturer who is trying to talk over disrespectful students. A lot of students hate giving presentations, so imagine that in front of hundreds of people and then having some of them talk over you. It's not kind, it's not fair, and it absolutely shouldn't happen. You wouldn't like it if someone talked through your presentation, so is it not obvious that lecturers don't appreciate it when students do exactly that?

We're all at uni for one reason: to learn. If this isn't the case for you then don't ruin the learning experience for everyone else by being rude and talking over the lecturer. Keep your personal life to yourself until you're with your mates away from the lecture theatre.