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Edinburgh’s best dressed: King’s Buildings edition

Geek chic is in


In yet another attempt to instigate the uprising of the oppressed BSc masses, we braved through the challenges of venturing out to the distant King's Buildings campus and gently coaxing scientists into limited social interaction.

Hypotheses pondered, experiments completed, results drawn up; and here's the conclusion of our search for the best dressed geeks at Edinburgh Uni:

Nicole Serzhantova, 4th year, Regenerative Medicine

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Who is she

Evie Morton, 3rd year, Chemistry

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When putting on the first three things you find in your closet works a treat

James Harding, PhD, Infrastructure and Environment

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"Hobbies include: saving the planet and skanking to the fat bass." (At least half of that is true.)

Liam Gordon, 4th year, Maths

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Escapee from KB nursery, or proof that clothes our mums used to dress us in are now in fashion?

Eduardo Pelegrinello, 2nd year, Biomedical Sciences

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Edgy with a capital G!

Julian Vercryusse, 5th year, Engineering

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The kind of man you'll be running back to after you ignored him in high school because he's the swanky CEO of, like, the whole fucking internet

Zhen Han, 2nd year, Electrical & Electronics Engineering

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Is it honestly even physically possible to look at that sweatshirt without weeping for 90's nostalgia?