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‘What will we do without the double toilet, low ceilings and the upstairs RnB heaven?’ – An ode to Silk

Gone but not forgotten

Despite thinking it would remain with us until November 2019, on 27th January, our beloved Silk will be closing its doors forever. Known in the 90s as ‘The Jaffacake’, the King’s Stables Road establishment has given us much to be grateful for over the past few years, so here’s a reminder of all of the things that have secured Silk’s place in the hearts of Edinburgh students.

Silk Thursdays

Before Rascals at Bourbon came to be, Silk was THE place to be on a Thursday. Temple Thursdays, later Zian, and then Silk Thursdays, had something for everyone. Chart (and sometimes cheesy) music on the main floor and throwback RnB heaven upstairs meant that you and your pals could bop away to your hearts content, sipping on £1 drinks without a care in the world. Despite the rising popularity of alternative Thursday night venues, Silk was the original Thursday MVP and will forever be remembered as such.

Cheap drinks

With £1 spirits and shots on Thursdays and Fridays, Silk is part of the elite club of clubs with affordable drinks prices – it’s even cheaper than Hive on a Friday! If you’re feeling adventurous you can also get a fishbowl on a Saturday for £6. Being able to have a good night in Silk without spending above a tenner more than makes up for the slightly longer than desirable queuing times at the bar and is another reason why Silk will be sorely missed.

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Live music

When was the last time you went into a club and they had a live band on the main dancefloor? The first time this happened to me was in Silk and was a unique, unexpected and somewhat bizarre experience that I won’t forget. I went out expecting to be raving to the usual tunes but was instead boogying along to a live band accompanying the vocal tracks to my favourite club bangers, a nice change from the usual. Silk’s relaxed vibe made this possible and more clubs should try to go the extra mile to fill the hole that Silk will leave behind.

The club itself

Despite needing a Geography degree to successfully find the toilets and navigate your way around the multiple stairways, the décor and layout of Silk is what makes it stand out. While weaving between the people at the bar and the dancefloor, you bump into people you know and somehow manage to find somewhere new every time you go. The low ceilings upstairs are a particular highlight and when you come up in the spot lookin’ extra fly you find that – ‘fore the day you die – you actually can touch the sky. Helping us realise our dreams as mere students, Edinburgh nightlife won’t be the same without Silk.

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Raise the roof

The double toilet

Last, but definitely not least, is the double toilet in the ladies toilets. Everyone knows bad things happen when girls go to the toilet alone and Silk is the one club that has facilitated the struggle by providing a revolutionary double cubicle.

An enticing myth was soon realised to be a reality in Silk, the toilet gives the opportunity to continue those DMCs that simply cannot wait until you have both been to the toilet. Where else can you say that you can pee while chatting to your best pal and not have to squeeze into a tiny cubicle or take it in turns? This time efficient toilet protects your modesty with a little wall and enhances the clubbing experience exponentially as it increases your time spent on the dance floor. The double cubicle has yet to catch on elsewhere but Silk has enlightened us and for that, we will be forever grateful.

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Is this real life? Is this just fantasy?

Having spent many a night in Silk without ever having a bad time, all that is left to say is Silk, you will be missed and thank you for the memories. RIP.

Featured Image Credits: Martin Vesselinov