Clubbers of the Week

Refreshers edition

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It's common knowledge that the first week back at uni is prime night out time – and you lot didn't let the, admittedly treacherous, snow and ice stop you from following through.

Forget the January blues – more like time to celebrate a week with no deadlines!

Stunner of the week

Come on, let's not pretend Marv wasn't x10 more attractive than everyone else in the whole of Why Not

Runners up

Is that you, J-Lo?

Visions in satin

Where can I get that glow?

Creeper of the week

Runner up

I don't know what it is, but you look a bit out of place

Third wheel of the week

Wanker of the week

If you play with fire you WILL GET BURNED

Runners up

Did I mention I've got us a table???

Who the big man? Me the big man

Hero of the week

This hero climbed into the DJ booth for a special lesson in pointing with everyone's fave JLS member

Heroine of the week

Bring Aston next time pls xoxoxo

Runners up

Next night out mission: hug the bouncer without getting barred

WTF of the week

When's it due?

Runners up

She really took the plunge with this look

She's a bit camera shy

Someone tell these girls that we can still see them down there

Mutant of the week

You don't want to see what happens to me when the clock strikes 12…

Unhappy clubber of the week

Fuck uni. Fuck the system. In fact fuck clubbing, I can't be the only one not enjoying myself

Runners up

The reluctant shot-taker: exhibit 1

The reluctant shot-taker: exhibit 2

I think someone just stepped on his toe

Don't give me that look, I don't know where your friends have gone either

You spend your night trying to avoid the camera and then this happens

Best of the rest


Waheyyy lads lads lads

If we go down, we're all going down together

Ready to take on the darts-floor (sorry)

Don't you just hate it when you head-first into into a vat of candy floss?

Look ma, all gone!

And to finish, another classic Marvin finger-point pose

Photo credits:

Ben Glasgow – Hector's House

David Wilkinson// Empirical – Creme Soda, Rascals, Milk

Martin Vesselinov – Frat

Neil Stewart – Flare