Only 11 unis have lower student satisfaction with their mental health services than Edinburgh

According to our Mental Health Rankings 2017

Only 11 universities had lower student satisfaction with university mental health services than Edinburgh, according to our 2017 Mental Health Rankings.

However, Edinburgh’s spend of £28.01 per student on their counselling and wellbeing services is above the average in our rankings

The Tab’s Mental Health Rankings 2017 is the only study to assess UK universities’ ability to care for students with mental health issues. You can view the full rankings here.

Now in their second year, the rankings cover 47 universities across the country. They pull together information about how well universities fund their mental health services, how long students have to wait for help, and how satisfied students are with their university’s mental health services.

Overall Edinburgh is ranked 26 of 47.

When it comes to spending, our findings show that twelve universities spent more per student than Edinburgh. The university spent £28.01 per student, where the national average is £22.08.

However, the university spent £231.91 per applicant to the services, far below the average of £334.28, giving them a finance score of 18.32 out of a possible 40.

For satisfaction, Edinburgh ranked 36 out of 47 in our survey, scoring 32.97 out of a possible 40, against a national average of 34.55.


 Over 9,000 students completed The Tab’s mental health survey this year, and told us about their experiences.

Universities have a duty of care for their students, and mental health falls squarely under this, so we’re aiming to paint the truest picture of mental health at university, and how it’s handled.

The university did not provide a comment on the result of the rankings.