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Heeled boots are the best friend a girl can have and here’s why

Every girl has a love-hate relationship with their heels

It seems we go through the age old drama of having to decide what to wear almost every time we go out, even if 90 percent of the time, the items in our wardrobe haven't changed at all. And the trouble doesn't stop there, as after all that, we then have arguably the biggest decision of all – which shoes?

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I love my boots !!

Now we all know that Edinburgh, being old, hilly and cobbled means that proper heels are usually a write off. We're left with the option of the ever practical and comfy trainer, allowing us to dance until dawn, or if we want to dress up a bit fancy, we can choose a funky heeled boot. So many options.

But how great actually are heeled boots? Because they certainly can be pretty hellish.

Essentially they are just heels, and that comes with the problem of having to break them in. No one likes to break in a pair of shoes, definitely not a pair of heels. The pain of heels on a night out, and then when you try and wear them day to day and your feet feel like they've had nails stabbed into them by hour five.

So whether they're new, or just plain bad quality, the first few times wearing them will be hell. But when you do finally break them in, they will be the only shoe you're wearing on a night out.

That's also the beauty of high street fashion, sure they don't last that long, but it means you can change up your style regularly. So whether you're trying to jazz up your winter outfit with a pair of striking red boots, or trying to make "jeans and a nice top" into something a bit more fancy, there's a boot for every occasion.

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Heeled boots on a snow day? Why not?

The greatest asset to a heeled boot comes with the fact that you can still wear your thickest, comfiest socks on the coldest nights to keep your feet warm, while keeping your stylish facade.

This means you can comfortably hit up the George Street clubs looking hot AF, and still be able to walk back after (or rather walk to the nearest late night chippy). Just like a good friend, you can always count on your heeled boots to give you the support you need.

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When your life is as messy as your bedroom, heeled boots give you the support you need.

Long live the heeled boot, forever keeping us cosy, comfortable and cute in this dreary Edinburgh January.