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What your Edinburgh Christmas market delicacy says about your general vibe

If it’s a Nutella crepe you’re basic af

Ah, the Christmas market, perhaps the only place on earth where students are happy to fork out twenty quid and return home with nothing to show for it but a food-baby and sticky fingers (not like that you dirty bastards). Yes, the rides are great and the alpaca stall is a must see, but we really go there for only one thing: das food.

Mac 'n' Cheese

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The least Christmassy treat at the market. You are the person in your group who only goes out to avoid being a loner while your flatmates get pissed off mulled wine. You say you love Christmas but in fact you empathise more with the Grinch than cindy-lou.

Lemon and Sugar Crepe

You're original af, if not a little boring. These people have obvs forgotten that it's xmas not Pancake day. They're also pretty stupid for spending £4.50 on a plain pancake.

Nutella Crepe

While the Lemon Crepe means you're boring, the nutella is a whole other level of b a s i c. You probably own a pompom hat and drink Gingerbread Latte's like they're water. Everything you do is for the insta story and you are definitley only into having sex in the missionary position.

Savoury Crepe

These people have no souls and probably do weird shit like put ketchup on mash potato and want to be an investment banker.


The bouji alternative to the crepe, the waffle is thick, sickly-sweet and dying to be the 'it' thing, a bit like you. Your insta bio says you're an "influencer" but you paid for all your followers. You look great with all your make up but when it comes down to it you are as plain as the rest of us.

Giant Pretzel

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Just like the classic pretzel, these people appear hard on the outside but it turns out they're kind and soft in the middle. They can twist themselves into all sorts of positions so are great in bed.

Camembert Fondue

Cheers mate

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100 per cent went to private school, 100 per cent wears a signet ring and 100% is careless enough to buy the £3 keepsake cup for their mulled wine.

Mini Pancakes

Healthy balanced breakfast

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People who choose mini pancakes are the kind of people who are always on fad diets. They'll tell you it doesn't count as cheating on their diet because they're "mini" so must have less calories. This obviously justifies scoffing down ten of them.

The Pic'n'Mix

Indecisive is your middle name. Forever single because you are the definition of a commitment-phobe. Not afraid to throw around some dolla, you know how to treat a girl… you just end up treating more than one at once.


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You're either the hoe of the group or you're over compensating for something…

Glühwein (Mulled Wine for us commonfolk)

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You're quintessentially festive. It's more than likely that you don't even like the drink and you'd rather be strawpedoing a bottle of Echo falls but hey- doing it for the mems. Oh, and you deffo had your tree up on November the first.

Mulled Pimms

There's a very good chance that people who drink mulled Pimm's are from Surrey. You're obviously in the sailing club and there's nothing you love more than a spot of tennis in the garden during Wimbledon. In a desperate attempt to relive the summer this is your go to drink, just so you can remind everyone that your garden is, in fact, large enough to play tennis in.

Bailey's hot chocolate

Drunk by northerners because it's "posh", this is as close as to being on Made In Chelsea that they're getting.

Mulled Iron Bru

You're 100 per cent Scottish.