Warning! Several Edi exams are being relocated

This is the latest development in the heating crisis

Due to the ongoing problems with heating in the George Square area, several exams are to be relocated.

Central campus has been negatively affected by broken pipework for the past week or so. There has already been disruption such as the near-closure of the library last Sunday.

The Univeristy have since decided that all exams which would've been held in the Central area are to be moved to the Edinburgh International Conference Centre which is a decent twenty minute walk away from campus.

For those of us too hanging to walk, the number 2 bus runs past Pollock, through Newington and past Bristo Square to Morrison Street where the exams will be held.

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Specifically, the change in venue will affect any exams that previously would have taken place in McEwan Hall, Chrystal MacMillan, Richard Verney and all non-computer based exams in Appleton.

However, for a lot of us it isn't bad news. Your exams won't be affected if they're in one of the following: set up to accommodate special conditions or adjustments, in an IT Lab in Hugh Rob or Appleton, or is a French Oral which is to take place in David Hume.

Obviously, all non Central based exams will go ahead as normal.

Any queries about exams should be sent to [email protected]