We went to the new Chichuahua Café on Frederick Street and it was as cute as you’d think

You chihua-huon’t want to miss out

Exams and revision getting you down? Need a change of scene from the library? Just fancy a cuddle? Pop down to the Chihuahua Café in New Town and all of your prayers will be answered.

Located on Frederick Street, the café is not too far from campus and is perfect if you’re in need of a bit of pet therapy so we thought we’d give it a try to ease the pain of exam/essay season.

We were welcomed into the café by very friendly staff at the start of our 50-minute time slot and were quickly introduced to Ama, Bee, Cleo(patra), Elsa, Faery and Gatsby, the adorable Chihuahua’s that were bopping around the place.

The café is decorated in a way that is perfect for helping you get stuck in with playing with the dogs and the hosts make sure that you have everything you need and make sure that you have one of the dogs to play with at all times.

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Photo Credit: Carla Willars

After doing a bit of research on the website beforehand – all of the dogs have individual profiles about their personality – we instantly recognised Cleo and Ama, the dogs with the most distinctive colourings, and managed to have a quick cuddle before they did the rounds and made sure everyone felt at home. Ama, the oldest, was definitely the hostess with the mostess.

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Cleopatra, comin' at ya

As it was later in the afternoon when we went, a couple of the dogs (Bee and Gatsby) were noticeably sleepy but still perfectly happy for us to give them a belly rub while they were curled up in bed.

Although at the start the younger two, Elsa and Faery, were asleep in a little unicorn bed, they soon started to have a look around and assess the new intake of people. You have to be a tad ruthless to get the dogs’ attention but we were successful in peaking Faery’s interest and she came over for a cuddle.

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Livin' the dream

It has to be said that all of the stress I had been feeling over essays and dissertation deadlines ebbed away when the cutest pup (Faery) fell asleep while I was holding her. I can only imagine that the feeling of contentment is similar to that of holding your first-born child and the tiny hot water bottle definitely made the walk in the cold worth it.

Tea, coffee and cakes are available on request but from our experience, the dogs took up all of our attention! Going to the café was the perfect opportunity to relax with some adorable dogs and to have a break from the stresses of this time of year.

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Photo Credit: Carla Willars

Having not been to a Chihuahua café before, we weren’t sure quite what to expect but it’s safe to say that we were not disappointed. Although it is a tad pricey at £10 a ticket, if you’re wanting some canine TLC then it’s worth every penny!