The main George Square library is actually open today after all

What a drama

After receiving warning on Friday evening that the main Library and Hugh Robson's IT lab would be closed for 24 hours on Sunday due to essential emergency repair work to the central heating. That work has now been completed and both of the facilities are now back open as normal.

This repair work led to some of the Saturday exams being 'rescheduled' to different venues and to many students who are reliant on the library at this busy time of year, having to make alternative study arrangements.

It is unclear as to whether this repair work was postponed in response to the inevitable amount of unhappy students who will have been voicing their opinions on the matter, or whether the repair work took less time than expected. The library was meant to be closed "from 09.00 on Sunday morning to 09.00 on Monday morning", however the library was open for business again from 9am this morning.

It doesn't seem like many students have got the memo that the library has reopened, as the email that announced news was sent out this morning at 08:38am.

The main library hasn't seen this many free seats for a long time.

So many seats

Gavin Douglas, Deputy Secretary of Student Experience said: "As the Main Library will now be operating as normal, the following Libraries will revert to their examination period opening hours today" but added that the "Library Café services however will not be available today."