Everybody panic because the library AND Hugh Rob are shutting for 24 hours on Sunday

Awks if you have an exam on Monday

Edinburgh University's Central Library and Hugh Robson's IT lab are to be shut for 24 hours from Sunday due to a emergency repair work taking place on a central heating problem, despite it being in the midst of the exam diet.

As well as this, a number of exams set to take place on Saturday are to be 'rescheduled' to alternative venues.

In an email to students, Gavin Douglas, Deputy Secretary of Student Experience said: "On Sunday, from 09.00, we will need to switch off all central heating and hot water in the above areas in order to carry out the repair work. As a result the following library and study areas will unfortunately need to close from 09.00 on Sunday morning to 09.00 on Monday morning."

It is apparently due to emergency repairs which may lead to a loss of heating in buildings in George Square, Bristo Square and Buccleuch Place, including student accommodation in Buccleuch Place and Ascham.

Spare a thought for those in student accommodation, as temperatures are said to be as low as -4'C on Sunday. According to the email, arrangements are being made for students to have additional heaters and access to shower facilities nearby.

According to the Deputy Secretary: "Over the weekend the University needs to carry out emergency repair work on an underground heating pipe located in the central area of the campus. We are working to keep the systems operating until we attempt further emergency repairs on Sunday."

When it comes to alternatives, Douglas noted that DHT's Law Library will be open from 9am to 10pm, as well as Moray House Library, ECA's Library and The Noreen and Kenneth Murray Library at King's Buildings. The Kings Building Centre is also open 24/7 on Sunday.

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However, in his email the Deputy Secretary warned: "These facilities are likely to be very busy indeed, you may wish to consider studying from home or an alternative location on Sunday.

"We would like to apologise for the disruption and inconvenience that these changes will cause. The heating problem we need to fix is an unexpected but very significant one, and by tackling this work over the weekend we hope to have the affected areas back to normal for Monday morning.

"We will keep you updated on any further changes by e-mail, as well as online and through University social media."

Students aren't happy, especially those who have exams on Monday. Third-year Hedvig Flaata said: "I have an exam on Monday on Economic Aspects of Competition Policy, and I need the book because the lecturer told us not to buy it because we didn't need that many pages."

The same goes for those with coursework due. According to Fourth-year Politics and Philosophy student, Emma Coles: "My coursework dissertation is due in a week and I don't work well outside of the library. I am really pissed off."

For those who need the HUB reserve, it's particularly stressful. Third-year English Lit student, Phoebe Libbish said: "It is an outrage. The books I need for revision are only available in the HUB reserve and I now have one day without them."

Third-year Will Langston added: "I have three exams and an essay in next week so I could really do with having access to the library the day before all that kicks off. How annoying…"