Okay so don’t panic but Edinburgh’s getting a Harry Potter themed bar

Accio all the gin

Ask any Edinburgh tour guide and they'll gladly show you all the inspirations for everyone's fave boy wizard. Now, Edi is being treated to its very own Harry Potter- inspired cocktail bar: 'Perilious Potions'.

The sure-to-be tourist trap is set to open in 2018 following a series of successful pop-up events around the UK. It's created by the Pop up Geeks, who are responsible for other innovative drinking experiences based on the likes of Game of Thrones and Stranger Things.

Perilous Potions is set to be an "immersive" experience, decorated to pay "homage to the wizarding world with a specific focus on the Potions Class feel" according to Pop up Geek Linden Wilkinson.

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Picture courtesy of Pop up Geeks

As well as being decked to the nines, the bar is also set to deliver a whole host of Harry Potter themed cocktails for us to pre on, paying homage to Potter-esque tropes such as the 'Goblet of Fire' and smoking couldrons.

We'll have one of everything please.

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Featured image credits: the Pop up Geeks Facebook page