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What your favourite end of the night song says about you

Mate, do you have Wonderwall?

When you're exhausted and sobering up towards the end of a night, the mystery over what the last song the DJ will play can be enough to entice you to stay til the end.

The last song is not just any song the DJ chooses, it can often define the night and you can tell a lot about someone by the song they look forward to most at the end of the night.

Angels – Robbie Williams

It’s your sixth night out this week, you’ve just had (what you claim to be) the best night of your life in Potterrow and you’re belting out the lyrics to this classic like your existence depends on it.

In reality, it’ll be the toilet and your bed that are offering you protection, a little love and affection tomorrow morning when you start to sober up and face the severe hangover that comes with drinking ten plus VKs in the swedge pit that is the Big Cheese.

#RIP strawpedo

Wonderwall – Oasis

Slurring your way through this one after one too many pints is a rite of passage for seasoned club goers. Directing the song towards your new best friend of the night, you really don’t believe that anybody feels the way you do about them now, as you pledge your love for them and promise to be lifelong friends.

The next day you’ll wake up with little to no recollection of the night’s events with a note on your phone of the name of your mystery pal that you’re likely to never speak to or see again.

Mr Brightside – The Killers

Taking you back to your youth, this belter is guaranteed to get everybody singing their hearts out. Destiny is calling you, now is your time to shine and show everyone that you know all of the lyrics and prove that you can sing it with the most feeling.

When the emotion gets too much (which it often does) you might have a little cry which is cool, just make sure you get out of there before the lights come on and your cover is blown.

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(Credit: David Wilkinson)

Bohemian Rhapsody – Queen

The end of the night songs to end all end of the night songs. You passionately sing along to every part of this elusive end of the night masterpiece and bust out your air guitar with gusto for the last verse.

You’re so pumped when the song is over that you find yourself questioning whether it’s real life or just fantasy and secretly hope that every club night ends this way.

We Are Young – Fun

This is your first (and probably only) night out of the whole semester and you’ve convinced yourself that you’re making the most of your youth as you drunkenly sway/hang off your best pal and nostalgically look back at your life as the lights turn on in the club and everyone is piling out.

Your hangover headache will burn brighter than the sun in the morning, reminding you of the reason why you won’t be venturing out past 11pm in the near future.

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I remember my first beer (Credit: David Wilkinson)

We Are the Champions – Queen

Another Queen classic, the club is almost empty but you and your mates are determined to keep on fighting til the end. In the midst of screaming the lyrics and spilling more of your drink than you’re actually drinking, you have a moment of clarity – you are the champions, this is it, you’re at the top of your game and it couldn’t get any better.

Fast forward to the next morning, you’re regretting the many, many drinks from the night before and realise that it’s not long until you’re out of the uni bubble and you’re the loser that no-one has time for.

(I’ve Had) The Time of My Life – Dirty Dancing Soundtrack

It’s the last song and you’ve decided that you don’t want this magical fantasy of a night to end. You frantically search the club for your one true love when you realise that you don’t want the Patrick Swayze-esque guy who’s giving you the eye from across the dancefloor but that the loves of your life are the pals that you came with.

You passionately belt out the chorus and muddle your way through the verses while clinging onto each other because when it comes down to it, you owe it all to them.

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#squad (Credit: David Wilkinson)

Bump N' Grind – R Kelly

You’ve been frantically searching for a pull since 2am and even though your mind and moral compass is telling you no, your body is definitely telling you yes.

You bump about the dancefloor shooting ‘the look’ to everyone and anyone to satisfy your every need when you realise that all you really crave for is a kebab from Marmaris and a cuddle from your teddy.

You wake up the next morning with kebab coming out of your pores but it was all worth it for a lil bump n’ grind.

Don’t Look Back in Anger – Oasis

You have flashbacks to pres earlier in the night when you were feeling tired and having second thoughts about going out until your second wind kicked in, you stood up beside the fire place and took that look from off your face and drank through it.

Flash forward to now, you’re surrounded by your pals, singing at the top of your lungs and grateful that you sucked it up and pushed through the fatigue to see this epic night through to the end.

The same can’t be said for the next morning though since you’re sat in bed, looking back in anger at the ‘bad pint’, or 10, you must’ve had to give you the hangover from hell.

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Credit – Martin Vesselinov

I'm Gonna Be (500 Miles) – The Proclaimers

When this song comes on, you know it’s time. Time to prepare yourself to walk 500 miles (and then 500 more) to find a food place that’s open past 3am that doesn’t charge you £9 for a pizza.

When you wake up, you know you’re gonna be, you’re gonna be super hungover if you don’t get your food, so you heed the words of this mantra as a call to arms to assemble your trusty pals for the hunt.

After walking around for what seems like forever, you cave and grab an Uber to the Cameron Toll McDonalds and wake up the next morning with chicken nuggets in your bed but peace in your soul.

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