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An Edi sports captain was banned from Prow after an ‘indecent act of sexual nature’

The ban lasted two and a half years

A current sports team captain at Edinburgh was banned for two and half years for 'performing an indecent act of a sexual nature' in the Potterrow toilets during a Big Cheese.

This wasn't the only time the individual exposed himself at the Big Cheese as he was previously seen 'exposing himself into a plastic pint cup.'

Details of the incident were sent to The Tab by a EUSA member of staff. The Incident Report reads: "At Big Cheese on the morning of 24th April you were witnessed performing an indecent act of a sexual nature in a public area (sinks in gent's toilets).

"This is not the first time you have exposed yourself whilst at Potterrow (exposing himself into a plastic pint cup). You were then asked to leave and subsequently behaved aggressively towards staff.

"This is not the first time you have exhibited aggressive behaviour towards staff whilst at Potterrow."

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The Incident Report

EUSA's reply to The Tab's request for a comment simply said: "Unfortunately we don’t comment on incidents."

The Tab also contacted the Sports Union for a statement on this alleged misconduct from one of their captains, but they too refused to comment.