Meet the best dressed people at Heriot Watt

You can find them at the end of the Borders Rail line

The temperature has dropped, deadlines are fast approaching and even the odd Ugg has been spotte. While this may seem enough for our heads to explode, the Galashiels Fashion and Design Students are proving that they still look banging under pressure.

Cheyne Wooderson, Fashion Design and Marketing, 3rd Year

Cheyne pairs a faux fur coat and knit jumper, matched with bright Docs, smashing the comfy but sleek look.

Martin-John Turner, Fashion and Design, 3rd Year

Holding on to the last shred of summer before the multiple layers and winter coats and scarfs make their appearance.

Kendall Luff, Textiles, 2nd Year

Classic, staple trench coat. Everyone needs one in their wardrobe.

Linda Houtsonen, Fashion Communication, 2nd Year

Linda is someone you all need to watch out for on Instagram, her daily posts on her up to date style is a must see.

Emma Balfour, Fashion Communication, 2nd Year

With boots to die for, Emma perfectly resembles the polished casual look while hard at work on photoshoots.

Niamh Connolly, Fashion Design and Marketing, 3rd Year

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these boots are defs made for walking

Every print lover has something leopard and these heeled boots are just what you need for your daily dose.

If you're keen to make into the hallowed halls of cyber fashion, make sure to wurrrrk those frocks next time you hit the books.