Tryouts for Edinburgh’s University Challenge team start Wednesday

Could you be the new Ted Loveday?

Tryouts for the Edinburgh’s University Challenge team start on Wednesday 25th October in George Square Lecture Theatre.

If you fancy making it to the 25th series of the show, tryouts take place from 3pm to 5pm.

Candidates first have to to pass a ‘quick’ written test, before the top sixteen will be invited to move onto the second and and final stage of the process, a live buzzer event, which is set to take place on Tuesday 7th November in Teviot.

According to the EUSA event: “Do you know your George Owell from your George Bernard Shaw? The halogens of the Periodic Table? The names of all the Kardashians? Then come on down and have a go!

“Any fully matriculated student at the University of Edinburgh who will remain a matriculated student during the whole period of recording.   Participants should be aware that they will need their UCAS number if they get through to the next stage.”