Edinburgh’s chihuahua cafe are looking for employees

You’d literally get paid to cuddle puppies

A chihuahua cafe is set to open on Frederick Street in early December. The New Town establishment will see every man and his dog enjoy cups of tea, slices of cake and a cuddle with one of the eight resident furries.

It sounds like the ideal place to hang if you’re feeling ruff.

Before it opens, the founder, Tanya Salitura, is looking for ‘dog crazy, friendly, fun and hard working’ employees to work at the cafe.

A job posting online says that potential workers won’t just be cuddling the miniature pooches. They’ll also have to “be a barista, cashier, cleaner, dog walker, dog poop scooper, dog trainer and behaviourist, marketing assistant, admin assistant, stock controller and general whizz at sorting out all problems as they arise.”

Applications for the job are expected to close in late October and competition for a position is likely to be fierce. After all, it is a dog eat dog world.