Here are the best dressed people at FLY Open Air Festival

Putting the “fly” in FLYfestival

Not as glittery as Glasto, nor as ratchet as Reading, yet FLY showed the world that Edi knows how to show up for a festival – even if it is only twelve degrees outside.

With Edinburgh Castle looking majestic AF above Princes Street Gardens, it was a sight pretty hard to compete with, but Edi didn't disappoint.

Here are FLY fest's best dressed.



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You know Emma's gone the extra mile by coordinating her hair to the graffiti- solid effort gal.

Anna and Vanessa

Promise I have other friends…groovin at flyyyy🕺🏼

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These girls are donning the first of many appearances of trashy – heart sunglasses at FLY this year.

Kirsten and Chiara

Fly af #freethenipple

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Colour coordination at its best, and the girls' crop tops are bang on the festival trend. Not to mention those white sunnies.

Hannah, Marc and Laura

This trio took a more pragmatic approach to Edinburgh dressing. After all, having to hold a brolly means you only have one hand free for tinnies, right?

Tyler Stevens


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I rate a girl that is willing to wear white to a music festival…in a Scottish park… in Autumn.

Aisha, Georgie, Anna, Jenny, Alix and Vanessa

Fly fest with these babes 🙌🏼

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So much festival glam in one picture couldn't be ignored. The clashing colours of the pink and orange are a perfect combo.


Feelin' FLY

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It wasn't the athleisure that got him on this list – any guy that rocks up in a dressing gown is certainly someone you want in your life.

Clarrie, Douglas, Keira and Bethany

What a weekend 🕺🏻

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Lil bit'a classy, lil bit'a trashy.

Lana and Georgia

Special appearance from the most special girl 😘

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These besties are showing how to wurrrrrk the whole business- play ensemble and looking like they've jetted up to Eds straight from LFW.

p.s. that blazer is epic.

Darcy ft Pooh

Pooh bear making another special appearance at FLY💃🏻

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Cute and cuddly, Winnie the Pooh is obvs the must have accessory of the season. 10/10

Want to make it onto our best dressed list? Be sure to stay alert for tickets on the FLY Open Air site for updates on the next fest and you could be.