‘Yeah, but can you get a job with that?’: All the things Classics students are tired of hearing

“Aren’t you a cult or something?”

A crackling fireplace. The smell of dusty books and the faint smell of a cigars lingering in the air. A grey-bearded professor wearing tweed reciting ‘amo, amas, amat’ on repeat to his freakishly obedient students. This is a common stereotype of Classics.

But what even is Classics anyway?

Generally, Classics is the extended study of Greece and Rome around two thousand years ago. Some courses focus more on language (Latin and Greek), whereas some students prefer to learn more about the culture  (the literature and architecture).

Culture and language aside, however, there are some things that Classics students are tired of hearing about.

Love me a good doric column x

“Don’t only private schools do that?” 

Unfortunately, the government doesn’t fund Classics as much for state schools so it has the reputation of only being a ‘private school subject’. There are many state schools that do Classical Civilisation and Latin at A-Level, but it still is something that is considered only for a ‘select few’.

This, however, is a load of bollocks. Classics is literally the most universal subject because it documents the start of European (and a lot of Eastern) civilisation as we know it. Mate, you may even be related to a Roman.

“Latin is a dead language, though.”

If ‘dead’ means present in most European languages, then it’s six feet under. By studying Latin, you’re basically learning the grammar for French and Italian and picking up some English derivations along the way.

Don’t need that expensive year abroad in Paris now, do you?

Latin for ‘u a snake’

“Yeah but, can you get a job with that?”

Ah, my mum even questions this. Classics students acquire similar skills as History students, such as evaluation and analytical thinking. Latin is similar to Maths, as it requires you to learn different patterns and formulas.

Just because it’s a bit off the wall doesn’t mean it’s good for nothing. Look at Tom Hiddleston, Chris Martin and even Boris Johnson. If BoJo can hack it, I’m sure you can.

“Classics is only for introverted nerds who can’t make friends.”

Have you ever heard of toga parties?

But seriously, Classics students are honestly the most friendly people I’ve ever met. From my experience, they’re extremely social and personable individuals. And trust me, they throw the coolest and most unusual events.

You haven’t lived until you’ve played the Odyssey drinking game (drink every time Odysseus bares his massive thighs).

Caecilius est in-toxicated

So if you spot a wild Classics student, say hello to us. We won’t randomly quote the Iliad or recite the 4th declension at you.

We’re not as weird as you may think, we may even ask you down the pub for a pint to discuss the latest Hercules film.

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