What your dedication to a fancy dress night out says about your general vibe

Just wear a bed sheet and be done with it

The fancy dress theme is an area of controversy.

Some people will jump for joy when they get the chance to plan an elaborate costume for the night and will go all out to ensure they've done the best job. Others literally hate it, the effort it involves and the amount of money it can involve being spent for one night alone.

The truth is, your dedication to the fancy dress theme, and the effort you put in says a lot about who you are and what you are all about.

The ones that wear literally nothing

It's either the toga costume or a spartan for them. They are always the go to get-ups. They probably have a pretty good 6-pack and maybe a tan, so decide to flaunt it like there's no tomorrow.

The ones who go all out

It's the first week and they want to make the best impression they can on all these new people. Their mum kindly gave them £100 to see them through the week until their student loan comes in, under strict instructions "not to waste it".

Off out they go to buy the most expensive Superhero costume they can find, only to arrive realising everyone else's costumes are homemade, leaving them feeling embarrassed, only wearing the cheap-looking mask in the end.

The ones who really didn't try

They end up going home because everyone is so pissed off how little effort they made. They just spent the whole night moaning to people saying how lame they think fancy dress is, ignoring the fact that everyone else who is there did at least try.

The ones who are so underprepared

They literally forgot the party was fancy dress until they say the event reminder on Facebook the morning of. They scrap around all day, making a costume out of whatever they could beg, borrow and steal from their flatmates.

After all that, they'll show up to the party claiming to be something they may very loosely resemble, seeming as proud of their costume as everyone else is.

The ones whose costumes are that bit 'too soon'

Maybe two mates will show up dressed as the Twin Towers, or they'll decide to ironically blackface. They know they shouldn't have gone for it, but they did it anyway. They thought it might be a bit risky and offend quite a lot of people, but they went for it. It rarely goes down as well as they think it going to. In fact, it never does.

The ones that go too niche

After trying so hard to be as different and non-generic as they possibly can be compared to all the other party-goers, this person ended up dressing up as something so niche that they spend all night explaining what they are and end up seeming a bit odd.

"Mate I'm OBVIOUSLY SpongeBob"

"Mate I'm OBVIOUSLY SpongeBob"

The ones whose costumes relies on the weapon

This literally happens every time. Obviously this person gets their weapon confiscated from them on the way into the club, then spends the rest of their night explaining what they were supposed to be, but that they lost their gun. They go from being John Wayne to Woody.

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