Last year’s Edi freshers tell us their best and worst Freshers’ Week decisions

Peak if you’re in Grant

With Freshers’ Week fast approaching, we’re sure all you first years are busy gearing up for a big week of binge-drinking, friendship-making, and money-draining.

Let loose, get sloppy and small talk your life away, but be wary too. There are some more questionable choices that an over-enthusiastic, naïve fresher can make, which will be regretted soon after.

Anything from frequenting Hive, to centurions and everything in between.

We’ve spoken to some Edi students who experienced it all back in September ’16 to unravel their best moments and the more regrettable choices they made during the iconic week. Use their best and worst moments to guide the decisions you make and you’re basically guaranteed the best time.

 Sarah, English Literature and Philosophy

High point: Realising how disgusting Hive was in the first week of being in Edinburgh.

Worst decision: Not moving out of Grant House when I heard it had mice.

Harry, History and Spanish

High point: Immediately bonding with new people, even after fifteen out of the twenty guys chunned near me shortly after we met.

Worst decision: Doing a centurion on night three with people I had never met.


Ben, Mechanical Engineering

High point: Joining EUTIC (Edinburgh University Trading and Investing Club) and networking with people who have similar interests.

Worst decision: Developing the idea to create a lifestyle brand and name it after Chancellor’s Court. Later in the semester I went ahead and did it. It got A LOT of hate.

Zuma, Economics with Finance

High point: Eloping with the sesh. Contrary to popular belief, the relationship was conducive to financial growth and mutually beneficial. My friends said it was too early for a relationship, but I guess you could say we’re happy now.

Worst decision: I missed the first three weeks of Rascals – biggest regret of the grassroots stage of my relationship.

Rhianna, Classics

High point: Knocking on the doors of all my floor with a couple of people I just met and invite them all for fifth floor pantry pres to get to know each other.

Worst decision: Sitting on a Ping Pong table in the common room on first night of freshers and breaking it in half.

Angus,  Chemistry

High point: Definitely just saying ‘yes’ to being spontaneous. Basically, if a Facebook event says “tickets will sell out” they guaranteed will not. So just picking random events and showing up can make a great night out.

Worst decision: Buying a wristband, total waste of money. Also, eating any of the fish from the JMCC and posting about myself in the Turner House group – it came back to haunt me.

Amy, Law

Worst decision: This was definitely not a decision but I had tonsillitis for most of freshers week which was obviously awful. Try to keep yourself as well as possible for the week.

High point: Just being determined to get better so I didn’t miss out on anything more. On the Thursday night I decided to go out and it was a particularly amazing night cause I’d been stuck in bed all week.