Bristo Square is finally open again

And guess what, the skaters are already back

After being closed for two years, Bristo Square, which was flattened to incorporate a glass amphitheatre to McEwan Hall, has finally been reopened just in time for graduations to take place there.

It’s a beautiful day

The £33 million development work was originally supposed to be finished in December 2016 but delays forced the project back.

Before its closure, Bristo Square was an iconic location for the Edinburgh skating scene, prompting “final jams” in the days before construction started. Many were emphatic about how important Bristo Square was to skaters all over Edinburgh.

The construction

As if the last two years never happened, skaters were spotted on Sunday evening in the new Bristo Square, clearly relishing the opportunity to return to their old haunt.

The entire Edinburgh student population will be looking forward to eating their lunch whilst watching a thirteen year old snap a board in half.